The Exploding sun

What’s A Whippersnapper?
Why Don’t The Girls Have Antlers?
Will President Trump Be On Money?
What’s The Biggest Number?
Why Was The United States Underwater?
Do Kangaroos Eat Meat?
Who Is Your Favorite President Riding A Dinosaur?
Are Roadrunners Really Real?
Why Is The Middle Finger Bad?
Who Was The President When You Were Little?
Why Do We Have Nightmares?
Why Don’t We All Get A Balloon, And Then We Can Fly Into The Sky?
What Are Cataracts?
How Long Did It Take To Build That?
Are Emeralds Real?
How Long Would It Take To Get To The Moon?
What Fossils Did I Find?
If I Set My Hand On Fire, Would It Hurt?
Can Metal Turn Into Fire?
Why Does Size Matter Not?

What Are Crystals Made Of?
Why Do Birds Poop And Pee At The Same Time?
Why Do Sharks Eat So Many People?
Why Do Tornadoes Suck Things Up?
How Many Spiders?

What Is A Fossil?
Who Was The First Person?
Why Are They Called Theropods?
What Are Vocal Cords?
There’s Creepy Stuff In My Ears!
Why Do We Get Boogers?

Why Is It Called A Helicopter?


Talk To Your Kids
How Old Is Santa Claus?
A Little More On The Purple Eye
Do I Have A Purple Eye?
Why Is It Called “A Cold”?

What?  Why Would They Do That?

We Don’t Have To Listen To Him, Do We?

Can They Hear Me In China?

Why Does A Stinkbug Stink?

What Is Glass?

When Ice Is on Fire, Does The Ice Melt?
Why Does Oil Make A Rainbow?
Why Do I Have Crust In My Eyes?
Why’s it called a “Bobcat”?
What are crab apples?
How Does Air Conditioning Work?
Why are there bugs in his hair?

Is It Medicine?

Why Does The Sun Move So Slow?
Why Do We Call Dads “Dad”?
Do Sweatpants Make You Sweat?

Do Yellow Flowers Turn Into White Flowers?

What Do Lobsters Do?
How Do They Build A Planet?
What is Chi?

What Made His Skin Bubble Up?

The Solstice Questions:

Can you come with me, daddy?
Where Does The Potty Go?
Why Didn’t Buffaloes Go To Heaven?
Were The Elephants Alive With The Dinosaurs?
Girls Can’t Be Kings!
What Is The Softest Thing Ever?
Is It Still Night?
Who Trained Yoda?
Is Pineapple an Apple?
What is Plankton?
Why Is It Called A Saber-Tooth Tiger?
How Do You Get To Space?
What is a Theory?
Where Is Heaven?
How Big Is The Easter Bunny?
What Are Those Things? (Prickly Pods)
When Is Easter?
Why Can’t I Have Mom’s Wine?
Saint Patrick
How Long Is The Ohio (and other questions)?
Why Are There Alligators On The Banks Of The Nile?
Why Is It Cold?
What Is Money Made Out Of?
How Long Would It Take To Drive To The North Pole?
Do Frogs Have Teeth?
What If The Oceans Froze?
How Do You Make Chocolate?
Would a Helicopter Work on Mars?
Why Are They Called “Numbers”?
Ice and Snow
Where Do They Grow Bananas?
How Do Mirrors Work?
What’s A Whirlpool?
Why Do The Care Bears Live On Clouds?
Are There A Million Stormtroopers?
How Do You Shoot Down A House?

Have Buffaloes Been Around A Million Years?
What Is A Hurricane?
How Do We Walk?
Why do you guys wear glasses?
Do Earwigs Go In Your Ear?
A couple of quick updates…
What’s Robin Hood’s Last Name?
How Many Snowflakes Does It Take To Make A Snowman?
What’s Mistletoe?
What Animals Were In The Nativity?
What is “the Unknown”?
Why Is It A Creek?
What Eats Spiders?
Why does he have to poop?
How Do You Build a Bridge?
Snowman Legs
Pangolins and Water Bears, Oh My!
What Happened To Squanto?
Thor’s Hammer
Is Rudolph Real?
Whale-eating Sharks?
What Eats Poop?
When will you go to Heaven?
Can we read Star Wars again tonight?
Why does’t it glow for days and days?
Why does it have to rain?
Do only people get chickenpox?